This site is dedicated to help you transition into a career in tech. The sites goal is to:

  1. Give you the tools you need to get a job in tech.
  2. Help you prepare for and nail the interview process.
  3. Succeed in your new tech career.

The sites is geared towards people who are looking for their first job in the tech industry but the interview questions section is for anyone looking to prepare for a interview. I've included questions you can ask the interviewers as well as questions you could expect from the interviewers.

The first eBook in our series is Your Tech Career - A Focus on Network Administration. If you want to break into your first job in tech, I'd encourage you check out the book. You will appreciate the quantity of advice and easy path laid out for you.

Contact me for additional career consulting.  I realize that some peoples circumstances are unique and may need additional advice on how to transition to a career in tech. If after reading the book you still have questions we can set some time aside to game plan.

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Your Tech Career - A Focus on Network Administration

Release date - June 2018

Are you interested in changing careers or are you looking for a way to start a job in tech? This book will give you the tools and insider knowledge as to what managers are looking for in a new hire.  Click below to learn more.

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Career Counseling

I've been giving career advice to newcomers to the tech field since 2011. Topics of my consulting can range from career changes to unique circumstances you need advice on to get a new job. Click below to learn about my one-on-one career counseling services.

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Next Steps...

Contact me for career coaching pricing and to see if it is a fit to help you create a new tech career.