How to Start a Blog to Showcase Your Documentation Skills

Documentation is a key skill in the tech world. Things break and are fixed, infrastructure is designed and implemented, workarounds are put in place, and software or hardware is tweaked. Working as part of a successful team means you are documenting your solutions and processes so they can be referenced by your team later in time. More about documentation here *LINK*. If you are in school, have an internship, have a technical side gig, or are already in the tech field, starting a blog to showcase your documentation can set you apart from other candidates while looking for a job.

If you are currently in a tech program or are studying for technical certifications, you know that working in labs is part of the process. You are learning how to work through the building, configuring, and troubleshooting of certain hardware, networking or software environments. And, if you are working with a technical guide or step-by-step, you know full well, they don’t always provide the correct solutions. When you start having to do additional research on how to correct a problem or configure something correctly, this can be your opportunity to create a blog post on the solution you found.

If you aren’t attending a tech program that is no problem. Even if you are helping a friend set up their wireless router or helping a family member reset their password, these are all opportunities for blog posts.

Don’t worry if the solution is already published on the web, posting your version of how you fixed something is all that matters. Your blog is to show potential employers your documentation skills, not to generate a bunch of views or comments.

Creating the blog is simple. I’d recommend just signing up for a free WordPress blog. No need to sign up for a custom domain or pay for a fancy theme. I wouldn’t recommend putting much thought into how it looks because this is purely a website where you will be publishing a solution to a problem you solved.

Let’s look at a quick blog post you could post and a suggested format based on researching a solution to a question a friend asks you for help with. Your friend has a coworker that journals ideas at work. They open a notepad from their Windows 10 desktop and the date and time automatically appear in the notepad. Your friend wants to be able to do the same thing….open the notepad and have it autofill the date and time. You google the solution and set it up for them. Here is an example blog post for this process…

How to automatically log date and time when you open notepad in windows.

In Windows 10, type “notepad” in the search bar in the lower left-hand corner.

With a new note open, type .LOG on the first line.

Press enter to create a new line.

Click File then Save As.

Type in a sample file name for your new text document.

Click Save.

Close the open notepad.

Test by opening the new notepad file.

You should see the date and time listed automatically!

Screenshots of the process help your readers follow your instructions. Some people are visual learners and others like to skim documentation. Both screenshots and good, clearly written steps are a good idea when you are writing your blog.

As you research solutions to computer related issues, see these as content for your blog. If you have a dozen or so well written blog posts for your potential future employers to review, you will stand out in the crowd.

Good luck!

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