The Book

You may want to:

  • Find a career that is recession resistant
  • Find a career that will not be replaced by technology in the future
  • Find a career that pays well and provides stability
  • Find a career that involves helping people

Since 2011 I’ve been giving regular lectures to students in tech programs in the area on how to position themselves to get a job in tech after they complete the program. I have a good formula I recommend but it’s not a one size fits all model so I want to give you as much information as possible to help set yourself up for a good job in tech. You may have a busy life working and raising a family or you may have personal challenges that take time, I get it. Let me make one thing clear, money and time aren’t excuses to stop you from a transition into your new tech career. There are plenty of things you can do to gain experience or ways to make money to take a technical certification. Self-doubt is the thing keeping you from making the leap, not money or time or external uncontrollable life forces. I’ve heard all the excuses from people during my talks, ALL OF THEM. So if you hear that nagging voice telling you, you can’t do it, ignore it, and push forward.

In the book you will learn about:

  • The Education and Certifications you need to succeed. 
  • How to gain experience in the field such as how to get a internship or relevant experience.
  • How to build a network of people that can help build your career.
  • How to effectively look for a job.
  • How to manage your online presence. You will be googled.
  • How to prepare for the interview and ask for the job.